Pursuing Post-Exit Dreams & Hitting Pause On The Podcast.

After nearly 3 years of doing his podcast, Marvin has been faced with an opportunity to pursue his post-exit dreams. Listen to Marvin explain the importance of having a post-exit plan, his thoughts on the podcast thus far, and his plans for the future of the podcast.

While the podcast may be on pause, for now, there is an endless archive of shows for you to listen to and continue to educate yourself on how to maximize the value of your business.

As the web developer and producer of Marvin’s podcast, it has been a pleasure working with him and creating the podcast. It has been very amazing to watch it evolve into what I think is the best podcast for encapsulating the dos and don’ts for a business exit. Not just from the perspective of the business brokers who facilitate these deals, but also from Marvin’s ability to process this information and present it to you in an easily digestible form. I learned quite a lot.

Marvin Storm

Marvin L. Storm
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