How Skillfully Crafting A Story Regarding Your Exit Can Turn Your Biggest Loss Into The Reason Why A Business Is Sold

A medical research company was founded by research PhDs and had a highly complex business model that relied on highly paid professionals which performed and managed the medical research. While the business generated millions in revenues, the cost of the highly paid staff produced an EBITA in the low six figures.

A label manufacturer’s divorce and other lifestyle changes necessitated the sale of the business and at the same time there was a longshoreman’s strike that blocked critical shipments he needed from Asia. The strike proved catastrophic and devastated sales, yet the entrepreneur was able to find the right buyer even though revenues continued their downward spiral.

A niched hearing enabling manufacturing company was positioned for a successful exit by properly structuring the offering memorandum. The amount of money the business made was not as important as the story told regarding the exit which attracted the right buyers.

A third-party logistics company had a location that was losing substantial revenues and how the losing operation was positioned as a reason for someone to buy the business. This skillful positioning is something required real insight to craft a story that supported what most buyers would have seen as a huge negative and turn this into the primary reason the acquiring company.

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