How an Entrepreneur’s Ego Took a Deal from $30M to $1.2M

A founder of an oil rig manufacturing business started meeting with a buyer on his own and his M&A Advisor cautioned him not to negotiate any of the agreed upon terms. He was also told to follow the plan that had been developed on when to share the sale with his employees. Find out what happened when the owner chose to ignore this advice.

A company that had 65% of their business come from one customer even though it was a large multi-national company, and how this nearly cratered the deal but was eventually salvaged. 

A business worth $30M ended up being sold for a piddly $1.2M due to a few critical mistakes.

How finding the right buyer and the right seller can be a match made in heaven and how a catastrophe was avoided when the time was taken to make the right match.

Michelle Seiler Tucker

Michelle Seiler Tucker
Seiler Tucker
New Orleans, Louisiana
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