How Doing the Right Things Turned a $20M Sale into a $40M Sale

An orthopedic footwear manufacturer was able to weather a series of unexpected events, failed closings, and a complete shutdown during the pandemic to successfully exit the business.

A seller went from a DIY mode to engaging a professional advisor to facilitate their exit and this decision made the founder an additional $20M in the process, which was nearly double the initial exit value in the DIY transaction.  

A pet insurance company was able to make a strategic decision early in the acquisition process that allowed them to entertain other offers allowing them to substantially increase their exit value and in a fraction of the time. 

How rolling a portion of equity into an acquiring entity of a new company that operates your company after the transaction closes enables entrepreneurs to substantially increase their total exit value. In this example, a 1X investment into the new company ended up returning a 10X return in a few short years.

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