When Issues Surface in Due Diligence, You May Wish to Take A 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Look At Other Critical Aspects Of The Business

An e-commerce business where some of the metrics on the financial statements just didn’t seem to add up. One of the issues had to do with the gross margins on some of the products sold being north of 75%, which was far above the norm for this business segment. This issue caused the buyer to dig deeper.

How being transparent can cut both ways, but not enough or too much transparency can both kill deals. 

A transaction that took place during COVID and how top-tier execution doubled the value of a restaurant when other restaurants were failing left and right.

A 35-year-old landscaping business failed to monetize its full enterprise value and why the seller wasn’t upset about this and, if you were in this position, why you probably wouldn’t be upset either.

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