How A Nearly Impossible To Sell Business Sold Quickly For Double Its Value

A transactional story of an infrastructure construction company that was equipment intensive and had accumulated nearly five times more equipment on the books than it needed. While the company has strong free cash flow, the amount of equipment on the books made it a difficult to capture anything above the equipment book value on the balance sheet. How it was positioned while nearly impossible to sell to literally doubling the business value and getting it sold quickly, far quicker than the seller ever thought possible.

A retailer that had 75% more inventory than it needed, making the business difficult to sell. How a strategy called an owner financed floor plan allowed both the buyer and sell to make out like bandits.

How any business owner that has deals in the pipeline should structure their sales allowing them to capture some of this future revenue as well as benefiting the buyer with free financing.

An entrepreneur who made it a practice to always take a significant amount of cash out of the business by not reporting cash sales, and how after he sold the business, this practice literally got him seven years in the state penitentiary.

Bob Ross

Bob Ross
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