How a Competitor’s Business Card Dramatically Increased the Value of an Acquisition

A business card in a shirt pocket that was visible to others, helped dramatically increase the value of a deal when one of the buyer’s realized that their major competitor was bidding on their deal. Within 24 hours after they realized this, an offer was submitted that was substantially higher than anticipated. 

How Covid has altered how deals are getting done and how smart sellers are stepping back and realizing that it is a different day today and that deals can still get done if you can work through deal structures that are tailored for both buyers and sellers.

How smaller companies can add huge strategy value to larger companies with their value proposition and why it’s important to understand what value you bring to the table because this understanding can dramatically increase your company’s value.

Why it’s important for sellers to realize what they do well and not so well and if what they don’t do well can be done better by someone else, it may be time to sell.

David Kauppi

David Kauppi
MidMarket Capital Inc.
Chicago, Illinois
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