How Does a Deal Go From $20M to $120M Without Breaking a Sweat?

A financial services company that was a few weeks away from being sold. As the final draft of the Letter of Intent was being reviewed, after all of the terms and conditions had been agreed to by the buyer, there was just one more term to discuss with the client – a term the client wouldn’t agree to.

A technology company founded by a tech genius got right up to the closing table with all of the terms agreed to that created an opportunity for generational wealth for the founder and his family, but then the buyer and seller went out for diner to celebrate consummating the deal. That dinner turned out to be a game changer for the founder.

An entrepreneur founder was approached by a strategic acquirer. It took months for the founder to negotiate a deal only to have his attorney suggest talking to Jim before doing anything. That conversation turned out to be the most profitable phone call he ever made. 

How a business worth less than $20M turned into a cash deal of $120M. You won’t want to miss this story.

Jim Afinowich

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