How Things Getting Personal Can Cost You Millions

Most business owners don’t fully appreciate how important it is to know who is buying your company and what their motivations are. 

How a transaction can get thrown out the window when the key people and both the buyer and seller get along well and build a lot of trust during the due diligence process. You might assume this is a good thing. It isn’t what you might think. 

How when things get personal it can cost the owner the deal and potentially millions of dollars. 

The problem with business owners valuings their business not on what the market values it, but on things such as what a friend’s business sold for, and how destructive this can be. The market will always set the value of the business and what you think the business is worth is irrelevant.  

How not having a handle on validity of revenue can wipe millions of profits off of the books with a stroke of a pen. What a quality of earnings report is all about and why it is important.

Eric White

Eric White
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Dallas, Texas
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