A Buyer Paid $1M More for a Business Than Other Offers and Why They Thought the Business Was a Steal.

A transaction that involved a nationally based multi-unit weight lost franchisee that had accepted a multi-million dollar offer on its business only to have the franchisor kill the deal by restricting the new buyer from opening up more new franchise locations.

A transaction of when even though you have an accepted offer how an appraisal can kill a deal and when this happens, what a business owner did to get the deal closed. 

A business owner, who received a diagnosis of terminal cancer and had an accepted offer for less than half of the business’s intrinsic value, managed to get $2M more for the business.

A skilled intermediary was able to create an auction for a business that enabled an entrepreneur to position the business strategically and have a buyer outbid others by more than $1M and the buyer thought he got a steal even though their offer was so much higher than other offers.

Cress Diglio

Cress V Diglio
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