How a $27M Cash Deal Was Destroyed By an Inexperienced Attorney

The sale of a multi-million-dollar maintenance business was run by two brothers who were old school and dominated their niche. Learn why the brothers were only able to get 50% of true value of their business but the buyer turned around and resold it for double what he paid only three years later.

An attorney managed to crater a $27M cash deal from a public traded company because of his lack of business transactional experience.

A business owner inadvertently let it out that the business was being sold, which caused key people that were critical to the business to begin to look for other jobs. Only when the seller flew in to share with these key employees that they would be getting promotions and raises did they agree to stay on after the sale.

How a business sold for 40% over market by being creative on financing the business through some off the balance sheet financing.

Scot Cockroft

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